Mono No Aware: Tomato Jungle



Just a few short weeks ago, the garden was tripping over itself. I used to pluck and trim my tomato plants like Bonsai, but after a few years of awesome tomatoes, I had a run of bad luck: hard tomatoes, yellow leaf disease, spoiled blackbirds who ate but one bite of each. After giving up for a season, I decided to let the plants grow as they pleased and they made themselves a jungle. Now, after the most enormous haul of tomatoes ever, they have given in to exhaustion.

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A Blueberry Garden Begins

Blueberry 1

After resting the bed for a year, I added peat moss and 24lbs of soil acidifier to get around a ph of 5.

Blueberry 2

I had everything laid out and the paper mulch pinned down when a freak windstorm blew it all away.

Blueberry 3

Everything is in and weighted down. The paper mulch looks weird, but I know I’ll be thankful for it all summer long. I bought the plants from Stark Bro’s. I planted two Misty, two Sunshine Blue, and two Sweetheart. I chose these varieties because they had the biggest zone range around my zone: 7. My concern is, well, the climate around here is changing and some varieties need quite a bit of cold weather and some not at all; sometimes we have mild winters and sometimes we freeze. I’ll probably test the soil again around June. If all goes well, in a few years I’ll have a lot of berries. Of course then I’ll have to figure out how to keep the birds away. I’m hoping that writing about the garden will bring it luck. Silly.