Japanese Dream

A strange dream possibly caused by a 2:56 layover at Narita.

We were staying in Japan.
But for one day only.
We were staying in a sort of Japanese-American mid-century modern hotel with speckled formica and orange and blue and grey.
The hotel is spotless.
Even in the bathroom corners. I tell this to the front desk. They seem pleased and like no one has mentioned the corners.
The hotel tour planner is helping us plan our day in Japan— which is apparently tomorrow— while everyone keeps looking out the large window.
We are looking to see the orange glows from the brush fire on the other side of the mountain ridge.
This may interfere with our plans but the man doesn’t think so.
Another guest shares that brush fires move faster than anything.
I remember seeing this and yes they are very fast moving.
I am worried about the fire coming over here but I am assured that it probably will not and if it did we would get out.
Everyone is looking at the map to see what they want to do.
I see the word ZOO in bold but we are not going to the zoo for our one day in Japan.
But it may end up being that.
I go for a walk. I want to peak around the other side of the ridge and see the brush fire.
I see the whole side of the mountain glowing with the deep colors of the fire which is strange since it is daylight although it is stormy— dark ominous churning clouds overhead and bright hazy horizon. I am on the boardwalk in Asbury Park. Walking along the boardwalk, I keep looking at the fire.
I see a massive tornado forming. It is coming this way. Everyone is running. I am moving really slow because I have a big purse, my camera, and a huge stack of photos in my hands. I put these in my purse and now I can move really fast.
I head for the old CASINO building. It has survived many storms and should be safe.
Now the tornado is really big and headed my way. I think I would be better off behind one of the cement pillars underneath the building. I wait.
I poke my head up over the floor to see where it is. The wind is extreme. I see tattered, toothless man with his grungy little dog. I do not want him to see me and come down here. But he does see me so I wave him over because I feel guilty. He disappears under the building dragging his dog. Should I hold on to the back of the pillar as the tornado goes by? I am afraid the tornado will kick up the ocean— which is just a few feet away— and wash me out to sea. What should I do?

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